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13 April 2013 @ 12:28 am
HOW DO YOU ICON? I come bearing olde ones from the vestiges of 2012 (a mixture of fandoms), and a number of new ones from 2013 (all of them are from les mis, what UP).

[40] 20INSPIRATIONS (les misérables; incl. alts and extras)
[12] MOVIES (the history boys, skyfall, the hunger games)
[15] TV (community, doctor who, elementary, friends, generation kill, teen wolf)
[08] REQUESTS (blighted_star, raiindust)
[10] TUMBLR GRAPHICS (the history boys, doctor who, gk, teen wolf, les mis)

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Comments and concrit are appreciated; ty for viewing :3
20 December 2012 @ 04:16 pm
Liz/erzsebet asked me about my favourite textures so let me show some off to you :3 [ONLY FIVE MONTHS LATE HAH]

Okay so texture-wise, I mainly stick to a few makers, mainly fuuurs @ bourbonate and innocent_lexys @ satine_violet. Funnily enough, sometimes people think that I've added textures to an icon when I haven't? IDK. Also, I go through periods when I add ALL THE TEXTURES and others when I don't use any at all.

Since the two crashes suffered by my HD a few months ago, I haven't had much time to go on a texture-hunting spree~ but I've some ~favourite textures. There are also some textures that I'm planning to use, or just find really pretty and WANT TO USE THEM BUT IDK HOW OR WHERE YET.

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10 December 2012 @ 02:48 am

myriadis's R6 is a FFA, which means that there are no restrictions/minimums on writing and graphics. Use your 20 days to make whatever you want using the inspirations, and/or go to the request post to ask for a little inspiration bundle of your own. (Click on the banners to go to the respective posts.) Round ends 31 Dec 2012, 2359 UTC.


IIIIIIIIIIII also want to do something special for the holidays here at julyavenue, because ANNIVERSARY. While I can't do traditional requests simply because I am recovering from an intense semester and am still getting back into iconning, I would love it if y'all just spammed me with whatever screencaps (any fandom) and I'll see what I can do. HQ caps are preferable; I'll try to do at least one icon/cap per requester :3

EH let's not put down a limit bc idk how many people are gonna do this XD

Happy end-of-2012; see y'all after the apocalypse~ for tea!
31 October 2012 @ 10:19 pm
HIIIIII. It's been a while :3 I had a period of total un-inspiration BLEH, and then school started up again and I got crushed under piles of work. BUT I've been playing around in PS here and there, so I have a batch of new icons from September and October! OORAH~

First time using Imgur as a main image-hosting site too wow look at all these changes. Hm in PS I've been looking at text, colours, and composition. Idk if I've ~improved in any of those aspects, but there are a couple of icons that I do like from this batch even if others are p rough. I wanted to see if I could smooth grainy caps out without using Topaz (bc I don't have it—I tried it once and I think I prefer the method I learned from tinebrella).

My inspirations are p clear to me: endearest, mainly, but also pamkips (for text on the Inception icons) and talipuu (basically because she is super awesome and magical and asfhbkjdhk).

P.S. I know I still have questions to answer from ATM; I'll get to them when I can over the next few weeks before my exams <3

P.P.S. SORRY FOR ALL THE ALTS that said if you want a textless version lmk~

[20] MOVIES (atonement, disney: mulan, inception, harry potter, marvel: avengers & thor, the hunger games)
[32] TV (community, elementary, once upon a time, the good wife, teen wolf)

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Comments and concrit are appreciated; ty for viewing :3
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18 August 2012 @ 10:12 pm
So what happened during most of July and early August was that I completely lost my iconning/graphic-making mojo and slunk away to write a whole lot instead. YES. But before that, or during that (ICR), the gorgeous fancifull and I teamed up to battle it out. We decided to both choose 5 caps of Harry Potter and Community, as well as 5 technical themes each. I am really really grateful to have done this because it did jolt me back into opening PS again, and although I had a bit of trouble with some icons/caps (YOU CAN TELL), it was refreshing to do this battle, so TYSM SARAH <3

[30] BATTLE (community, harry potter, teen wolf)
[10] ALTS/EXTRAS (teen wolf)


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17 August 2012 @ 12:50 am
[08] MISC ICONS (the fall, snow white and the huntsman, breaking bad, generation kill, teen wolf)
[01] FANMIX (teen wolf)

Fanmix under here: covers, lyrics, download.Collapse )
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19 July 2012 @ 05:35 pm

Ask The Maker || My Thread

+ some Community icons from the icon_talk battle:

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14 July 2012 @ 12:25 am
LE SIIIIIGH. So what happened was that my hard drive crashed on me again on Monday so I lost alllll of my caps again (not many tbqh) and I debated whether or not to get PS again if my HD does go kaput again (CROSS ALL THE FINGERS AND TOES). But I felt bad because I joined theiconquest and I haven't submitted anything yet >:| so yes, here are my icons for that and some random ones for animangavgflash and iconflashes.

[25] ICONQUEST CH1 MAIN QUEST (community, generation kill, teen wolf, atonement, the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy)
[02] TV (new girl, generation kill)
[05] ANIMANGA/VG (castlevania, deus ex, pandora hearts)

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27 June 2012 @ 04:57 pm
These are really random, because my laptop died last Friday and I had to erase the hard disk and reinstall everything. Everything I had from the past 3 years? G O N E. But anyway~ Here's my entry for the final round at 20inspirations. A whole lot of words.

I feel like I don't necessarily have a style, because I'm still on a learning curve. Sure, I'm comfortable with certain styles, and I know what I like, but I'm always changing what I do here and there. Maybe that's why there are so many words; I'm trying to compensate by telling y'all more about me. I found this quote and I would love to make graphics by it:

"People have said there is an integrity about me, and I think there is. I don't try to follow a trend. I have my own little path." - Sarah Brightman

[20] 20INSPIRATIONS (movie: disney's mulan, harry potter; tv: criminal minds, community, new girl, generation kill, true blood, the good wife)

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Comments and concrit are appreciated; ty for viewing :3
08 June 2012 @ 03:49 pm
SEXY #69~ yeaaah lol XD I have 20 icons for hpotterelite, some icons I made for iconflashes, and random others. Let's pretend that I am not currently obsessed with borders and duplication. Also, apparently I've been nommed at magicawards? Thank you bbs omg I honestly have no idea what to do but ty ty <333

[20] HPOTTERELITE (movie: harry potter)
[05] MOVIES (harry potter, xmen: first class)
[07] TV (true blood, downton abbey)
+1 promo :3

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Comments and concrit are much appreciated; ty for viewing :3

+ a promo for a community I've just started up:

myriadis is based on inspiration challenge communities such as 20inspirations, inspired20in20, a_mused, and smashingart but for both graphics and writing (including mini-mixes).

→ At the beginning of each round, there will be an inspiration challenge post. It will consist of images, words, music, and videos. There will also be a general overarching theme that will inform the inspirations and the subsequent submissions.

→ Like a 20in20, you have 20 days to submit your entry. Unlike a 20in20, you don't need to make 20 separate pieces, but rather 20 points worth (at least) of graphics and writing. As this is a ~multi-media~ community, you are challenged to create at least 5 points worth of writing (500 w) AND 2 points worth of graphics/mini-mixes.

→ Want more information? Check out our rules/about page and our posting guidelines!

Just join for posting access if you're interested. The first inspiration post will be up in a few hours, around 12pm UTC :3 is up omgosh :D
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